‘Autumn Colors over the Garden of Ireland’

Just said I’d throw this video up here. Featuring Glendalough, Rathdrum, the Wicklow Mountains, Powerscourt, Glendalough and many more scenic areas it’s a nice watch with some intense music. Lovely.

Filmed by Skycam Ireland. This lad does great aerial photography and a lot of it is in County Wicklow, well worth having a look. His twitter is @IrelandSkyCam. He is always posting fantastic original content, check the pages out!




Edit: He is also on Facebook 😉




Aaaand you’re sold

Now you’ve been shown some breathtaking, gorgeous, naturally inspiring visual representations of the Garden County you probably wanna go there. That’s ok, take the M50. Or walk man, good for the legs. I don’t mind.

Visit the Wicklow County Tourism website here to get some more info that is very boring and professional, fairly factual though. The pictures are very nice too.img_1594

The website also states they’re having a walking festival. 28th-31st October. Be there. It’s exactly like a music festival, purple hills and all that. I’d say the walking is very nice but in fairness the weather wont be. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy there’s an actual session on that weekend in Annamoe. Lovely spot but it will inevitably be destroyed by cans and rollies. Negative craic. It is called Barn Dance Festival, the link for that is here, but tickets are sold out so sorry about that.

I did mention it hasn’t rained here in 7 months See how the clouds part over Kilbride? Exactly.

Anyway lookit there’s so much to do in Wicklow and if you’re serious about it then you’re best off going to Wicklow and not reading this blog anymore. So much to see and do so go see and do it lad. Thank you very much.

By the way they’re all my pics except for the Motte Stone wanz

Cuan an Bhriotáis

Brittas Bay baby lovely place lovely people it has it all.

“Is this the actual Brittas Bay or is there more to it” – tourists

I found a beautiful video filmed by a man called Sean Conway. Oul Seano got his hands on a drone and a nice tine and made a video so I’ll shtick that up so you can revel in the glory.




You can also get the best 99’s in Ireland here so what come visit the place.

More Castletimon

The place really is that nice. If you are bored, or angry, or sad or want to feel inspired then go to Castletimon hill. T’is a lovely walk through your choice of either forestry or woodland paths (forestry is the obvious choice unless you are severely boring) taking you directly to the top of the hill where sits a large pile of stones. The tradition is that everyone who embarks up the hill brings a stone and adds it to the mound. Back about ten years or less ago there was no cross sitting atop the pile of stones, but now there is. A classic case of christianity trying to prevail where it is not relevant or needed…

Anyhow if you lived in Japan and Castletimon was also there, and you were also living with depression and went to a therapist or someone this is what would happen. You’d tell him you don’t know how you feel etc, and then he would say “here look maybe you’re not spending enough time with nature, Im gonna give you forest therapy, go to Castletimon”. It’s a real way of dealing with poor mental health. Go and spend time in a forest.

The place is gorgeous. Scotts pine trees litter the land and stand tall and proud, and the view from the top is breathtaking. Even in the fog when you cannot see around you at the top of this hill you can still feel the sheer force of the wind sweeping off the Irish Sea letting you know just how high up you are.

I would recommend this walk to anybody, if you are in need of some forest therapy then come here. But not everybody will find their way to the top. The trails near the top are now overgrown and difficult to maneuver, meaning less people are coming here which may not be a bad thing to preserve the area.


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Time to get Motte Stoned

The Motte Stone. Say it like motty. Motty craic.

It is just a big stone with a ladder on it that’s all really…

see dat

Ah no it’s a whole lot more than that.. It is a big chunk of granite with a mystique unique to Wicklow. Nobody knows for certain why it is there but there is much speculation.

One theory is that this was Finn MacCumhail’s Hurling Stone. That lad was a giant. But I don’t reckon that’s true. Some people say that a halo can be seen above the stone at times, I dunno maybe that’s true…. Then some say that the stone blocks a mine shaft which would have been used in the nearby Avoca Mines.

Speaking of Avoca, about 120 degrees of this 360 view shows you the beautiful Vale of Avoca in all it’s glory. mottemate2.jpg

Wicklow 1 – 0 Everywhere else

By the way I didnt take these pics I got them from here.


Castletimon  is an area located close to Kilbride where we last visited. None of these people seem to be voting for me. The place is rich in heritage, culture and important rocks. In the last two or three years the locals have been discovering more and more about the place with thanks to the PURE mile challenge. The PURE mile is a really scenic and clean mile stretch of road that gets to have its picture taken and be in a calendar for the year, but only if its clean and scenic. It’s better than I make it sound…

Castletimon has an Ogham stone dating back to the 4th century which can still be seen to this day on the roadside. It is believed to be the grave of a princess, which local folklore hint at being true.I don’t know who she was or what she did, but shes buried under an Ogham stone, she is not to be questioned. A poem was unearthed once that further proved that point and went so:

“They hollowed out her quiet grave where stands the Ogham stone,

And left her in her long last rest beyond the breakers moan,

One wild last look she cast around o’er land and tossing spray,

Then lifeless sank upon the beach of lonely Brittas Bay”

There is also a Portal Dolmen on the site too:


This is nearly 4,000 years old and is (or was) a protected monument. Classic Wicklow though; “it’s not mine sure break it up”. Must have been some rough tillage farming going on that day, or a lousy landowner just ‘forgot’ to mention that a tomb had been there for the last four thousand odd years aaaand..


Needless to say it looks kinda shitty now… Now there is only three left on the East Coast of Ireland. A loss to the locals and the area itself but how and ever…… There’s more xx.

(Notice the deforestation between the pics too, they keep doing that 😦 pls no more)



Aww man

Hello fine people my name is Donald and when I am not engaged in my busy presidential escapades I like to go visiting explicit sceneries in County Wicka because the place isn’t called the GARDEN county for nothing.

First off its Kilbride Countryside on the east coast B-) This picture was taken mid summer when a fine crop of Roosters potatoes were coming up. The roosters sold quicker than the Queens this year has everybody gone off the flourly whole goodness of Queens or what?

Good vibrations around here all the same- I don’t think it’s rained in seven months now, see those blue skies? Nobodys worried about it. Locals are friendly enough they’re generally rooting for you.

That’s castletimon hill in the bottom left – rumoured to have once been a bronze age settlement rich in history. Thats where we’re headed next. Wicklow is so nice really wait til you see. All in all, it’s good craic.yeeee

grren fields baby