Aww man

Hello fine people my name is Donald and when I am not engaged in my busy presidential escapades I like to go visiting explicit sceneries in County Wicka because the place isn’t called the GARDEN county for nothing.

First off its Kilbride Countryside on the east coast B-) This picture was taken mid summer when a fine crop of Roosters potatoes were coming up. The roosters sold quicker than the Queens this year has everybody gone off the flourly whole goodness of Queens or what?

Good vibrations around here all the same- I don’t think it’s rained in seven months now, see those blue skies? Nobodys worried about it. Locals are friendly enough they’re generally rooting for you.

That’s castletimon hill in the bottom left – rumoured to have once been a bronze age settlement rich in history. Thats where we’re headed next. Wicklow is so nice really wait til you see. All in all, it’s good craic.yeeee

grren fields baby


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