Castletimon  is an area located close to Kilbride where we last visited. None of these people seem to be voting for me. The place is rich in heritage, culture and important rocks. In the last two or three years the locals have been discovering more and more about the place with thanks to the PURE mile challenge. The PURE mile is a really scenic and clean mile stretch of road that gets to have its picture taken and be in a calendar for the year, but only if its clean and scenic. It’s better than I make it sound…

Castletimon has an Ogham stone dating back to the 4th century which can still be seen to this day on the roadside. It is believed to be the grave of a princess, which local folklore hint at being true.I don’t know who she was or what she did, but shes buried under an Ogham stone, she is not to be questioned. A poem was unearthed once that further proved that point and went so:

“They hollowed out her quiet grave where stands the Ogham stone,

And left her in her long last rest beyond the breakers moan,

One wild last look she cast around o’er land and tossing spray,

Then lifeless sank upon the beach of lonely Brittas Bay”

There is also a Portal Dolmen on the site too:


This is nearly 4,000 years old and is (or was) a protected monument. Classic Wicklow though; “it’s not mine sure break it up”. Must have been some rough tillage farming going on that day, or a lousy landowner just ‘forgot’ to mention that a tomb had been there for the last four thousand odd years aaaand..


Needless to say it looks kinda shitty now… Now there is only three left on the East Coast of Ireland. A loss to the locals and the area itself but how and ever…… There’s more xx.

(Notice the deforestation between the pics too, they keep doing that 😦 pls no more)




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