Time to get Motte Stoned

The Motte Stone. Say it like motty. Motty craic.

It is just a big stone with a ladder on it that’s all really…

see dat

Ah no it’s a whole lot more than that.. It is a big chunk of granite with a mystique unique to Wicklow. Nobody knows for certain why it is there but there is much speculation.

One theory is that this was Finn MacCumhail’s Hurling Stone. That lad was a giant. But I don’t reckon that’s true. Some people say that a halo can be seen above the stone at times, I dunno maybe that’s true…. Then some say that the stone blocks a mine shaft which would have been used in the nearby Avoca Mines.

Speaking of Avoca, about 120 degrees of this 360 view shows you the beautiful Vale of Avoca in all it’s glory. mottemate2.jpg

Wicklow 1 – 0 Everywhere else

By the way I didnt take these pics I got them from here.


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