More Castletimon

The place really is that nice. If you are bored, or angry, or sad or want to feel inspired then go to Castletimon hill. T’is a lovely walk through your choice of either forestry or woodland paths (forestry is the obvious choice unless you are severely boring) taking you directly to the top of the hill where sits a large pile of stones. The tradition is that everyone who embarks up the hill brings a stone and adds it to the mound. Back about ten years or less ago there was no cross sitting atop the pile of stones, but now there is. A classic case of christianity trying to prevail where it is not relevant or needed…

Anyhow if you lived in Japan and Castletimon was also there, and you were also living with depression and went to a therapist or someone this is what would happen. You’d tell him you don’t know how you feel etc, and then he would say “here look maybe you’re not spending enough time with nature, Im gonna give you forest therapy, go to Castletimon”. It’s a real way of dealing with poor mental health. Go and spend time in a forest.

The place is gorgeous. Scotts pine trees litter the land and stand tall and proud, and the view from the top is breathtaking. Even in the fog when you cannot see around you at the top of this hill you can still feel the sheer force of the wind sweeping off the Irish Sea letting you know just how high up you are.

I would recommend this walk to anybody, if you are in need of some forest therapy then come here. But not everybody will find their way to the top. The trails near the top are now overgrown and difficult to maneuver, meaning less people are coming here which may not be a bad thing to preserve the area.


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