Aaaand you’re sold

Now you’ve been shown some breathtaking, gorgeous, naturally inspiring visual representations of the Garden County you probably wanna go there. That’s ok, take the M50. Or walk man, good for the legs. I don’t mind.

Visit the Wicklow County Tourism website here to get some more info that is very boring and professional, fairly factual though. The pictures are very nice too.img_1594

The website also states they’re having a walking festival. 28th-31st October. Be there. It’s exactly like a music festival, purple hills and all that. I’d say the walking is very nice but in fairness the weather wont be. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy there’s an actual session on that weekend in Annamoe. Lovely spot but it will inevitably be destroyed by cans and rollies. Negative craic. It is called Barn Dance Festival, the link for that is here, but tickets are sold out so sorry about that.

I did mention it hasn’t rained here in 7 months See how the clouds part over Kilbride? Exactly.

Anyway lookit there’s so much to do in Wicklow and if you’re serious about it then you’re best off going to Wicklow and not reading this blog anymore. So much to see and do so go see and do it lad. Thank you very much.

By the way they’re all my pics except for the Motte Stone wanz


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